Friday, December 6

Cooking project on Eid Adha break

I`'ve be meaning to cook heavy meals for so long, other than the meals that Mak have served us. Recent Eid Adha happened to be a long stretch of holidays and I must say the longest days in a row of the  year that I was at my Mak's home. And it was perfect for experimenting the recipe that randomly found in the internet. So I decided to make Laksa Johor. I won't go into the details of the recipe, for it was just another version of Terengganu Laksa with 'Kuah Masak'. If it is not exactly the same, but still, it is quite close.

Considering it was my first attempt, I guess the finishing was not  that bad. My siblings will be automatically picky eater when it comes to trying food that I made. It left me with only loyal food tester, with good motivation, my Mak and my reliable food finisher, chubby Zulaika.

Kih kih kih.

The next day, my eagerness still remained good. I planned to try roti jala, or some called it as 'pukat buruk'. Whatever they named it, Mak has never served this to us before.  But I have tasted the delicious version of roti jala, and I was hooked to this meal since.So why not give it a try!

I googled and  found a demo of doing roti jala and I was intrigued to start it there and then. It was fun initially, but, I never expected the work is not as easy as eating it. Let alone enjoying doing the 'jala' thing.  But my mak, as expert cook as she has always been, showed my the right way to so that the roti jala can be rolled as close to perfect. Mind you, the curry was yet to be cooked. Ah -haa...

After a while, I fed up. Perhaps that was not good time to continue with curry.( Alasan.) In the contrary my little two sisters, Fatihah and Zulaikha were so eager to do it. I left them to finish  my initial enthusiasm, and apparently they enjoyed it so much that Zulaikha repetitively asking me for next attempt of roti jala almost every time I went home. And I believe she will ask again when I go home end of this week, and sure enough, she will not stop asking until I can find my time to suit her request.That girl...

The long break has ended. We received bunch of Qurban beef ,  so I requested  Mak to make rendang so that I can bring to the office. And definitely fresh beef rendang tasted nyums!

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