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Travel clan reunion in Toowoomba, Australia

31 Oct - 5 November 2013

After numerous places have been pinned in the world map, (ewah), it feels incomplete to skip visiting bestfriend who stays abroad especially when we stand chances to experience the living style even just for a while. So I decided to grab tix with Zera to pay a visit our dear friends aka travelmates all the way in Toowoomba, South Queensland, Australia.

We arrived in Coolongata Airport in early morning, so were instantly brought back by Ju and Ezam to navigate a few lookouts at Springbrook National Park where we once visited together a few years earlier, only this time we have another plus one, Kimi!

Oh yes, not to mention that Kimi was so growing up, as compared to the last time I saw him before leaving Paka. How time flies so freaking fast.

We went to Harbour Town,find some personal stuff and souvenirs to take home, and having our big,fat,yummy Kebab for lunch before heading to Toowoomba city. It was almost when day the was  dark, we arrived in the windy Toowoomba city. 

The attractions around Toowoomba is Japanese Garden. It was a serene and quite park, that we enjoyed the peaceful walk around the park.

And of course, the couple is bright enough to bring us strolling around uni area. Welcome to the University of Southern Queensland.!

One of the common activities held in the country is garage sales. And definitely we took the opportunity to visit a few garages around the neighborhood to see what was there they got to offer.

Australia has so many mother natures with beautiful scenery that are well-preserved by the government. We traveled over one hour by car to reach an isolated national park, Bald Rock National Park. It was sunny and yet the air was chill , thus it was bearable for us to reach the top of the hill without drinks.

We strolled almost 30 minutes before we got to see the breathtaking scenery from the top of the hill surrounded with massive rocks. The long journey to get here is worth it!

Back to Toowoomba, it also has loads of recreational parks for the public. We were lucky that our visit took place in spring time, thus, there was still sights of splendid flower blooms around the places. Just so you know, the purple flowers spread around the city is called jacaranda.

An evening at picnic point, to enjoy the sunset.

And also to queens park with amazing landscape.

When the adults are enjoying the peaceful stroll, Kimi,on the other hand was so excited running here and there as though he just set his feet on the ground. hihi.

Apart from that, we went to Vinnies, a shop selling used items. And rarely seen in Malaysia, there were old folks  in the shop as the sales assistants and cashiers.If you wish to look for hunky, young OZ sales person, just forget it.:p

We strolled around Toowoomba city on one of the days.

We went to Coles, Woolies to get some groceries to eat at home, and kuih lamington to bring to Malaysia. Seriously it tasted yumms!

Hey, when is it that hypermarket in Malaysia can operate self-service check-out  like this, I wonder.Hmm..

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