Monday, April 7

Reading marathon of 2013

Most of year 2013 was filled with work, work and work. I was stepping into my first year in new working arena. And to make it thriller to a newbie like me, a major shutdown at my platform was held for forteen days stretching through Eid Fitr.

I was having so little time to lay back and relax to do some reading like I always love to do.

However, come end of August when all mind-boggling responsibilities were over(for a while), the urge of having the world of reading all to myself erupted.

Just to get the ball rolling, I borrowed books from an officemate.

Due to work requirement, I went to KL and it was good time to grab a few more books from  Kunikoniya.

I was in the middle of discussion with Boss to relay my intention that has something to do with New Zealand . Boss was amused with my intention,  he shared his insights about New Zealand, and little that I expected, he offered me his book collection on the country. Coolio!

I was a big fan of this intellectual dai'e, Prof Dr Kamil who is currently lives in Madinah. The piece of him is a "must have" for a fan like me. Just so you know, of all books  that I ever read, be it fiction or motivational books,  he is by far the only author that is able to make me shed tears while immersing myself in his writings.

I went to Ausie late 2013 to meet Ju Zie, and she was kind enough to add more books for my collections. Nyums.~

Big Bad Wolf was happening in town, and my colleague was supportive enough to help me get a bunch of books from the sales. It was less than RM50 for these five pieces! I was over the moon~

So I started that to realize that I bloody need a bookcase to cater my so-called books obsession. So I eyed this nice book case from Ikea. I was requesting Ainul to buy before I picked it up while on my business  trip in KL, but I never imagined the book case length stretched the  whole of size of our cars. Thank God it fit well,and was safely "shipped" to Paka.

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