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Epic Story of a Wedding Gatecrasher

4th April 2014

Attending wedding invitation is an exciting for me to look forward everytime I return home during weekend. But when attending a wedding that you are not technically invited, someone is in trouble! Hihi.

 I have a wedding invitation from a " kakak ofis". Considering her big hearted gestures to me all this while, made it quite hard to ignore. So I brought my Mak to go along with my two little siblings.

                                                            wedding invitation from akak office

It was a hot and super sunny Friday, and my stomach started to growl while we were on our way to the wedding.  The house is in Felda area, with systematic housing, actually too systematic that we can easily get lost in an almost identical housing area. Nevertheless, navigating the area with  little familiarization has caused minor confusion especially with the same theme color of two kenduri in one Felda area. That`s the beginning of my epic story.

I never been so eager in presenting the gift to the bride/bridegroom on the wedding day itself, but after a few times mentally weighing the options, I decided to bring the gift to the bride on her wedding day instead of waiting her to return to office after her marriage leave.

Upon arrival to the house, we went straight to the bride room, mind you, I was so excited to see the bride with custom-made gift in my hand. Just to make it more epic, the bride was taking her shower, so her assistants( or friends or relatives, whatever they were ) ushered  us to wait outside the room. We were hungry thus I put the gift at the designated table and went to the food tent instead.

 The food were so nice that we enjoyed the delicacies very well. I, however, wondered silently why were there no faces of brides' friend present to her big day. Hmm...weird..

Finished our food and off we went again to the brides room, (read; excitedly). But. But. The bride face was even more unfamiliar! 

Okay. Okay.

I told myself to cool down while I racked my mind to feed my denial. 

"Was the kakak co-host her wedding with sister ?"

But the girl's face who was also in red bride outfit ( red color is the "actual bride"'s obsession) in front of me doesn't resemble the "akak ofis" face. Finally I  come to term that we actually attended A WRONG WEDDING! Ha ha!

Next thing, we went to the bride mother, to salam and whatnot like other guests normally do in typical malay traditional wedding. I could see the question mark lingering on her head. STRANGER?!  All I thought was to drag Mak and my sibling away from the wrong wedding as soon as possible. 

Slowly with the most poker face I could muster, I took back the present where I put earlier when one of the guest in the house noticed my behavior, bewildered. That's the stupidest thing I ever done in my life. While guest is supposed to bring in the present, I was walking out of the majlis brought the present with me. How odd was that. ha ha.

                                                        door gift frm wedding crashing.cute, no? :p
I told the confused Mak as soon as we were in the car-safely. Mak laughed out loud, to my lousiness. I was giving up to find our actual destination, but Mak asked my to find the house somehow. It was actually only the other side of the wedding that we went eating. Alhamdulillah, at last, we reached our destination , and the gift reached its actual bride. hi hi.

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MammaSun said...

hahaha...aku nak gelakkkkkkkk

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