Monday, May 19

Hitting first day of 30s in Japan

We arrived in Tokyo on 23rd April, err.. in other way to express it , on my birthday *wink*.

I didn't bother much on the celebration of my new age,because for me, being in the busiest metropolitan city when I plotted the completion of three decades of my life, that`s priceless.

We walked and toured in chilled air of Kyoto on our first night on Japan soil, when one of us triggered for a pit stop at Starbucks.

I've got myself a tall size of chocolate cream chip ice blend, when Kak Gee and others bought theirs with a slice of cake. Seriously it didn't ring any bell to my conscious , not in the slightest.

Out of nowhere, Kak Gee popped out the straw and all of them wished me  birthday  in a rythm, I was overwhelmed. Awww~ cripes. That was the most beautiful surprise ever thrown to  me. Thanks ladies.xoxo. : ))

Somehow, it has caught me by surprise that during 7 days trip, there was not a single thing tht I came across has triggered my excitement to shop for myself. Not until the last gate before boarding to Kuala Lumpur, I spotted this super cute pinky black barbie version pouch of LeSportSac. Coincidentally, I was happened to look for a new pouch to store my  new traveling prayer dress. And just by having this , I just couldn't be more grateful for a birthday purchase. hihi.

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