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7-day Japan exploration (Narita-Kyoto city)

22-24th April 2014

So, we kicked off our so-called vacation campaign 2014 with Japan that covered a few cities for seven days. The journey from Kuala Lumpur took about 7 hours and we arrived at destination early morning to see big round sunrise at the horizon.

First thing to do before we started our thousands of steps in Japan was to change the Japan Rail (JR) Pass voucher at the JR counter. The voucher MUST be purchased prior to our departure, and certainly it has to be outside Japan. It costs RM900+ for 7-day pass,(as of this post is written). Super saving way of enjoying one of the most expensive living cost  countries at its best, without having to crack our head everytime we need to hop on trains to go around and about.

 One good initiative by Japan government to attract more tourists to their country.

And the JR pass is also applicable to ride their fastest bullet train, or they call it as shinkansen. Yippi!

We moved from Narita airport via Narita Express for one and half hours to reach Tokyo city, for interchange to Kyoto city for another one and half hours. The train are separated by both reserve and non-reserved cabins. Nothing much of differences to both cabins, however, for a long haul trip, it is advisable to get reserved seat from the JR counter, so that we can all sit at one place as well as to avoid from standing throughout the journey.

Finding the location of our lodging was not as easy as it is mapped. Thankfully the locals were kind enough to give us their helping hands until we reached the door step of the guest house.

Upon refreshing ourselves, the day  was getting dark, but that didn't stop our excitement to explore Kyoto city and its attractions.

We went to Geisha town, at least that was what we been told, even though we hardly saw any of them around but just posters of geisha for us to pose with . *pathetic*

On day 2, we went to a few places such as Kyoto Tower, even though not to that close , but visible enough for us to pose with. Haha.

                                                                         Kyoto Tower

There are also many temples around, but we have to be selective to ensure we could cover as many as possible unique attractions within limited time.

The cherry blossom season was almost over, thus,  we immediately hopped off the bus as soon as we spotted the tree  by the road. Excited tak hengat.

Exhausted from series of jumps, then we proceeded to our next attractions.

Enjoying home-made ice cream with various flavours, they even have it in sakura flavor! How cool is that.

Sanjusangendo Temple and excitement seeing cherry blossom! Hihi..

We also went to Fushimi Inari Shrine that was built by Japan to honor Inari, their god of rice.Whatever. All I care was that striking orange color really uplifted our mood, after hours of walking in bright and hot sunny day. Fuh!

And having sweet potato as our lunch felt so divine meal on earth.!

Our next target was to find Kyoto Mosque. It was a loonggg walks before we were certain that we were heading to the right path according to the map.

Every opportunity to get nice overview of Japan was not missed, not a bit. At this moment, we were at lost looking for the mosque, but seeing the rocks lined up across the river, we were intrigued to pose! Of course you won't see it in Malaysia, I bet.hahah

Alhamdulillah, at last we found it! It is not a mosque as what we have in mind actually.  It is attached to Islamic center with no signage or whatsoever.

And afterwards, we went to the first halal restaurant found, located just nearby to the Kyoto Mosque.

The last attraction for the day was Nijo Castle. And it wrapped up our day 2 in Kyoto city.Need to return home early to catch up good night sleep for continuing another thousands of steps in Japan on day 3,4,...5...zzzz.

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