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7-day Japan Exploration :Tokyo Disneyland

28th April 2014

Last attraction but not least, the trip would have not been a complete one if we didnt include Disneyland in the itinerary, surely?

This is the second trip for me to Disneyworld after Hong Kong.

So these are some of our exciting moments that we managed to capture, the rest of the activity were queuing after long queue after next long queue. But that wasn't the reason for us to stop enjoying every ride possible in this Disneyland, even though some of them are quite similar to the ones in Hong Kong Disneyland.

If last time we stuffed all of our food in one go before entering the park in order to save the money as best as we could, but this time around, we have upgraded the meal time into  having a proper lunch... A-haaa...Luckily the vegetarian meal is available in one of the restaurants. Alhamdulillahh..

And another remarkable convenient here is that,they reserve a quite a multipurpurpose room to visitors too. So we didn't have to go to some much hassle (like one in Hong Kong Disneyland, as what I've wrote here many years back ) to get our religious obligation fulfilled.

We took one-day pass for this visit, and apparently it wasn't enough time to cover all the rides due to soooo long queue that we have to endure. Nevertheless, it was still worth it for we all have the full package of fun,with satisfactory amount of shopping for family members,which I was missing during last visit.

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Ju Zie said...

This is awesome!

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