Sunday, July 13

Pullman Lakeside & Resort,Putrajaya

24-26th June 2014

So I was selected to attend a training for 3 days at PLC, Bangi.

I never knew that there is another prestigious hotel situated in Putrajaya, apart from Marriot, which I have stayed there a few times.

A friend of mine told me of this hotel, and I decided to give it go.Why not?

Apparently it was a peak time for the hotel, and due to that reason, my room was upgraded to a suite!

As I entered the room, the exhaustion of long journey  vanished instantly.

The room is spacious, and luxury  that I enjoyed the lone time gracefully. There is a huge balcony outside of the room. But it was hazy, thus being outside out the room was not as comfortable as being the room.

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Ju Zie said...

You are soooo lucky!! Lawa gilleer

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