Tuesday, September 9

Sandat Inn, Kuta,Bali

Next 'stop' for year 2014 is Bali. Budget accommodation is always our preference, so we selected to stay at Sandat Inn which is situated at the heart of Kuta City.

We arrived at midnight, and we were very fortunate that the front desk is always open for check in.

We had a good night stay for 3 nights in Bali. It just that the room does not provide  water heater, (thankfully the weather was nice day and night) and kettle, which was quite unfortunate for our plan to boil instant mee  for snacks.

Nevertheless, there is icebox provided in each room, so it was a great aid for our left over food storage.

Locationwise, it is just a few walks away from arrays of shops for beachwear, souvenir and etc, but be careful, the price might be marked-up higher which wise customers should know when the bargain took place. And didn't I tell you it is just a few walks away from Kuta's center of night clubs? Not that we walked into there, though, but it's worth a stroll to have a feel of the  nightlife here.

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