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50th year Independence Day Getaway in Bali

27th- 31st August 2014

It was actually the second time that I purchased flight tix , and- the first time that I eventually arrived at Bali. I was supposed to join the other four travelmates back in 2010, but only a few hours before departure that I found out that I left my passport at Paka when I was already in KL. Yeah,I know. Lousy me.

So this time around the crowd has changed to new faces, except, well, Zaira, who will always leap to any traveling opportunity.

So we arrived at Denpasar International Airport in the midnight, before we were picked up to our lodging in Kuta city.

The itinerary throughout the trip was confirmed beforehand with our supir, Miko, so it was a lot leisure for all of to just go with it without much bothering of missing train, show schedule or whatsoever as it was already taken care of by Miko.

Our first INTERESTING destination was to visit coffee plantation , to taste the various types of cocoa, coffee and tea, including the well-known kopi luwak, as what they called as most expensive coffee in the world? Ah, whatever. 

We also had a guided tour through the farm to see how they plant the coffee, cocoa , until they were served to us.

I tasted it, but honestly, I just couldn't figure out any difference with nescafe that I had occasionally at home. Anyway, it was worth a try after what people have said about it, no?

As much as its worth for the tasting , all of us finished the tour with a few selections of coffee and tea to bring back home.

After that we went to climb the hill for our lunch enjoying the chilly air that overseeing volcanic mountain.

Thankfully, there was also musolla available nearby for us to complete the necessary obligations before proceed to pose and pose! yee ha!

We also went to rice terrace, snapped the panorama, groufie , selfie and whatnot before we proceed to the next place.

We decided to take a stroll before calling it a day. The accomodation that we stayed is just at the center of Kuta city. Thus, walking around to enjoy the nightlife was not so bad idea.

And it is close to Hard Rock Cafe too!

On the second day, our agenda was to have the watersports at Tanjung Benoa. We selected a few activities to do at the beach such as parasailing, banana boat, and diving too! You don't get this chance  to dive back in Malaysia without its license, surely.

All activities completed in the noon, so we changed ourselves before we continue the tour to the next destination.

We dropped by at a few interesting spots to capture photos such as Pendawa Beach. Masjid Agung before continuing to Uluwatu. We had our tour around temple area while waiting for the Kechak Dance begin. And did I tell you how picturesque the scenery was?  We were awestruck to the bits!

We were a bit lucky that our tour guide gave us the tips to get the best sunset shot while watching the kechak dance. And yes, facing the blazing sunshine while waiting for the perfomance to start was the price we have to pay. What to do... there goes all UV ray straight into our skin. Hmph..

And he lied not. We got the best spot in the crowd, and we get the best view of the sunset.Wee hu!

The last stop for our last night in Bali was to enjoy dinner by the beach at Jinbaran. It was a nice dinner experience when you reach Bali, seriously...

... Because we had so many things to do at the beach while waiting for the food, like... posing!

On our last day, we took the opportunity to have a quick visit at memorial of the incident when Bali city was bombarded a few years back.

And we dropped by at Kuta beach too. There were so many surfers seen there- and dogs too, unlike a few beaches that we went previously.

The last attractions was Tanah Lot. Certainly we were awestruck by its beauty beach! We stayed there for a couple of hours, enjoying the beach breeze and its beauty.

And the very last destination before we depart to airport was spa! Seriously I can wait to experience the authentic Baliness spa.

All of us split into two rooms. And we truly, truly enjoy the experience despite some embarrassing requirements- errr, ok thats too much info.

And one good things is that lunch was provided too. I mean after we had our bodies and hairs done, definitely eating is one thing that -at least - I was looking forward to have!

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