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Girls' Date at Victoria Station Steakhouse

24th August 2014

I've been meaning-or shall I put it as craving for enjoying delicacies at Victoria Station for months, but the right time has just arrived when Zera and Fiza agreed to tag along. Fuh! Saved myself from being lone diner, again in posh eatery.

As for starter we were served with bun and butter while waiting for our meals to ready.

I was having myself lamb barbeque blah blah  and Fiza was having chicken chop.  Zaira? She has actually arrived earlier than us, ordered and finished her salad before we even reached our table. Super speedy, huh!

Our meals came with salad too. And believe it or not, I started enjoying and appreciating bowl of salad from there on.

Thankfully I was only have myself roti canai throughout the day before this dinner, because the portion is super large for my normal intake. And I still practically can taste the lamb everytime I burped in the following morning. So worth the RM, I`m telling you.

We had small chit chat while waiting for the meal settled in our tummy (yeaa.. maybe just partially). And as always with phone in our hands. Don't you see anything familiar from these sight nowadays?

It is cozy dining spot every once in a while with vast selections of lamb and beef based meals and steaks, including chicken. Featuring British-inspired deco, you can also opt to dine inside the train, which is a bit more intimate. Well maybe I can try it next time, perhaps.

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