Tuesday, November 18

Kinohitmitsu Diamond Collagen

The idea of consuming collagen on regular basis didn't really appeal to me until this year, when I (ehem!) reached age of 30. Yes, you got it right, 30.!

I have this awareness that collagen content in our body starts to decrease when we get older. Old in my biological vocab is when I passed the 20 series. Ha Ha.

Selecting the collagen on the shelves at drug store can be overwhelming, as all brands are there. Not to mention the ones that are sold on the internet (with over the top testimonials and super close-up pics attached, errrrr, ).

I have this one kind of interest and trust to Japan made products. With its bottled packaging, it is plus point for me, especially when I am on the go. And did I tell you it tastes yummy too?So I chose this Kinohimitsu Diamond Collagen. One good tips that I read , normal collagen price ranges RM 130- RM 160 for one month consumption.  Referring to this product, I would prefer buying 2 months supply, which is  definitely a bargain.

Speaking of the result using this collagen, honestly I am not good at articulating how good this collagen has brought beauty out of myself (if only it has, well you knowww..). Definitely I feel good about it, that I hardly think of stopping consuming it so far. Nonetheless, after months of using this product, Alhamdulillah , I keep receiving positive feedback from people who I occasionally met and the same remark is "makin berseri2.." *miawww*

Ok, shut up.

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Ju Zie said...

Hahahahahaha... Tolong la gambo close up mek ju... I nk tgk u meow meow! ;p

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