Friday, November 7

Skytrex, Shah Alam

26th October 2014

This is another long overdue activity since last year. Yes, one of the reason apart from the distance constraint is that I was not serious into planning this.

So there were Zaira and me for this plan. There are a few sessions a day that we have to select upfront via its website, and the degree of difficulties. We decided to go for the extreme challenge.

We selected session at 8.30am which started with registration and group briefing.

After that, we resumed to get the harness for each of us.

Yes, first timer for me and straight to extreme challenge. It was like, if I can make it for bungy jump the day before, this challenge will be like, alaaaahh~

We joined in a group of 25 pax. All of us started the challenge by climbing the ladder. We chose to be the last women standing. Ewah~

I let Zaira climbed first, and the rest of photo taking will have to be selfie laa.. Boring.

The intensity of the challenges in Skytrex is its height. The more challenge we take means the higher that we have to climb.

Zaira left me all the way ahead, but I still busying myself with selfie. Haishhh..Can you see how high I was? Bole tahan nervous, but safety caution is taken as all of participants are equipped with the harness, so insya Allah you'll safe from fall down to the ground.

We completed the challenges after over one hour or so. It might look easy, but we are all sweaty like nobody's business.

It was fun at the end of the challenges.

And we have muscle ache the following day, cant help. huhu

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