Saturday, November 15

Intercontinental Hotel, KL

28-30 August 2014

 As far as I could remember, this is the second time that I visited this hotel after like, errrr... years. So this time I was attending a so-called conference namely Women In Engineering Leadership Intensive 2014.  Yeaa, it might sound so wow but in reality, there were so many things from the seminar being over-rated and we can consider ourselves as being over-expecting. But hey, I was glad to meet a bunch of young and poised career women slash singles slash mothers slash boss slash blah blah blah, and it was, incredible!(Did I say inspiring too? Yes, it is.).

Ok, what all these that I am blabbering about? Let's get straight to the hotel room of this formerly known as Niko Hotel,shall we?

The good side about this second visit that my room was upgraded to club suite , yes!

The room is spacious, just spacious enough for my mental expectation and comfort. Yea..gedik , I know. *wink*

One thing I like to survey first step into a hotel room is its bathroom . You can tell how luxury and comfortable your stay from the sight of its bathroom size. Well, at least that what I've been thinking to myself, and to some extent, it's true.

The hotel has also has provided the pillow options, for a person who sleeps on the back and on the side. Both style are provided with different set of pillow, upon request. As for me , I just couldn't care less, so long the room is sound-proof enough, I'm sure I'll be having a tight sleep then.

Likewise other luxury rooms that I have stayed before, this room is also featured with glass that we can  see thru the bathroom. Fret not,the blind is there, one can use the bathroom safely without being scared of being peeped. (Only if it is not your spouse I guess, I don't know).

And they provide the coffee maker with various selections of coffee too! It just that I am not into coffee too much, or I`ll be wide awake all night if I did it once.

Speaking of toiletries, they are so generous,and yes, I requested another set of them just to maximize bathtub experience. Yeeay!

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