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Bungy Jump and Sunway Lagoon day!

25th October 2014

Sunway Lagoon is one of the places I wanted to go before nxt year. There is one thing  I want to do there, apart from screaming my heart out loud on the roller coaster, that is bungy jump! The intention just stayed there, at the back of my mind, until Fiza surfaced the idea during our chit chat in group whatsapp.

Coincidentally it was a long holiday from work, and  business trip to KL on the following week. I leapt at the idea instantly. Bungy jump might be accomplished in this visit, that was I thought in my enthusiasm at the idea of going to Sunway Lagoon soon.

We arrived after 10 o'clock to see long queue already formed at the counter.

We started at scream park, just to gauge how scary the horror performance inside the ghost house before we decided whether or not to grab ticket into Friday Night of Fright which coincidentally scheduled on the night.


This theme park is relatively smaller as compared to other theme parks that I have visited before, obviously... like Disneyland, USS and etc. So we managed to cover all parks, hopped on almost all extreme rides, thanks to short queue and off season . Otherwise , we might not be this lucky no matter how small the theme park is.

Good news is that the musolla is provided just inside the park area, so it was a lot convenient for us to perform all obligations before we resumed to the more extreme activities... like, err... bungy jump perhaps (Yes, at this point of time I was starting to having the second thought about it.. The fears already crept in, you know.)

Perhaps the prayer time is a good pause for us to 'medidate' for a while, for  having some serene time, long prayer asking God to give me  the courage to jump afterwards. (Seriously, this nervousness felt like shite)

We had had popcorn for our lunch before we proceed to the world longest suspension bridge. We told among ourselves, this is just to get the feeling of the height before we could decide whether we have the courage to jump. At the end of the bridge is another activities that we could join freely, that is flying fox. 

Zera, Fiza and I were queuing for flying fox, while my brain was working overtime in summoning the courage to brave myself to make the bungy jump. I never thought the process was stressful as this. Well, I have been dreaming of doing this back in Dungun, came all the way to SunwayLagoon a few days earlier than my business trip, and just to face the hesitance and fear to some extent I couldn't control them.

Being me, I hate it when I am being put in situation I couldn't control especially when dealing with my own inferiority. While on the other hand, Fiza which was still in positive spirit kept on coaxing me into doing it, as she seemed ever- ready to do it in no time. And I was torn with my fear and determination. Oh this stressed me out.

It took me almost an hour while in queue for flying fox, to brave myself to proceed with it. So we went to the ticket booth and once the ticket was purchased, I started to shut off my mind from thinking of the fears of jumping to death. I was silent along the walk to the platform. The nervous was still lingering I subconsciously barely able to speak with them. I just want to get over with it quick.

So I chose to jump first before Fiza, before I chickened out upon seeing her upcoming drama, just in case.

The moment I stepped onto the edge of platform, I just couldnt wait any longer. Before the fear stopped me, I jumped in no time.

One thing I discovered about myself, I lost the voice to shout when my fear reached the max! But when I was in suspended position, the fear was gone, and I started enjoyed the adrenaline rush. It was a by far the most.satisfactory.action.I.did.ever.

One tips before making this jump, you don't look to the bottom before you jump, or most probably you couldn't bring yourself to jump. As the instructor's advise , look ahead. Seriously it works big time.

Zaira was reluctant to do it initially,but when she saw us receiving her certificate, definitely she felt challenged! Ha ha!So instantly she subscribed herself for the jump even though we can see the fear in her eyes.

Yes, there was some drama that we have to watched, and (hush) the instructor started to yawn while waiting for her. But nonetheless, she made it as well!

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