Wednesday, February 4

Peaceful Cottage & Cafe Du Mont,Nagarkot & Hotel Nepalaya,Kathmandu , Nepal

If you plan to enjoy sunset and sunrise scenery at Nagarkot, Peaceful Cottage & Cafe Du Mont  is just almost perfect accommodation to go for. 

It is located at the hillside facing to the Himalayan range. Reaching to the top of the hill was another adventure ride, thank God we have an expert local driver to maneuver the hill side and bumpy route.

There is nothing extravagant reception that you can expect in this premise, but the warm smile and service received from the hotel staff were good enough for make ourselves comfortable.

We dumped our luggage in the room and took no time to rush to the roof top of the building. It was about time to see the sun set.  Did I tell you how awestruck we felt upon seeing the scenery? Wait till the next entry comes out. He he.

But one thing that was not  so pleasant to bear on the night time was the cooooold night like we were sleeping in a roofless house on the icy floor.  The heater was not provided,with only a hot pouch  to give our feet some warmth, with considerably thick but-still cold blanket, we went through the chilly night with sound sleep.


The room is clean, and so is the bathroom. All necessary amenities are provided, including towels. And the water heater is also provided, aaahhh,, heaven.

In Kathmandu, we chose to stay at Hotel Nepalaya. It is located very strategically at the center of Kathmandu city, Thamel road. Which means it is just a few walks away from their popular market. Yes, good bargain means good shopping. Wink!

The stay comes with breakfast, and I learnt a good  recipe to bring home, cornflower fried with egg. Yumm~Seriously, you might want to give it a try yourself.

The room is clean and its hygiene level is satisfactory.  The flip side of the stay in Nepal is that the intermittent electric supply which has caused us to sleep in cold for a few hours and got the heater on the next. Nothing much that they hotel can do to satisfy us, despite our complaint, as it is due to the government policy of on the electricity supply. Anyway, despite the minor hiccup, it is still a good place to stay.

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