Friday, January 30

Baking Pavlova: Lessons to learn

It feels like it has been quite a while that I didn't do any baking. The idea to try baking a pavlova was triggered when I saw the pics in facebook, that made me drool upon seeing it.

I imitated the recipe from joyofbaking website, and yes , the ingredients are easy to find in the market. I'm not going through the details of the process , but along the process, I learned a few lessons in order to  bake the meringue successfully, and rather, it was interesting learning process!

The lessons were:

1) all 4 eggs that are beaten should be baked at once, as I tried to divide the meringue into two portions, but it has ended up that the second portion slowly dissolved. plus , my first meringue became really thin and it was less drooling. huhu
2)  use as low temp at 100 degree c all the way. This helped greatly to avoid the meringue from being overbaked.
3) as for whip cream, do not mix  sugar and other ingredient when you first beat the whip cream. It turns to buttery form. Huwaaaaa~

Nonetheless , no matter how ugly it looked -my ugly pavlova,  my sibling love it that it has finished at one go. But in order to get the right-almost -perfect look pavlova, I bake my second attempt on the following day. This time I used the whip cream spray, easier and faster . And it turned out the second try looked wayyyy better . So , with that satisfaction, I can rest from any baking activity for another one or two months later. hihih

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Ju Zie said...

It looks yummo tho!

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