Friday, January 16

Shangri- La Putrajaya

I got another chance to explore luxury hotels in Putrajaya recently, so I chose to stay at Shangri La Putrajaya.

The location is a bit isolated from the hectic roads in Putrajaya. Situated on top of the hill, next to a palace, this business trip felt like a holiday.

The room has luxury of space in bedroom and even we can use valet parking at the front door to park our car. How cool is that.

This is rare,surely. 

Another thing I like about staying here is that they offer variety of breakfast choices, that I could sit there for hours savoring the delicacies. Ah well, for my case, I need to be there as early as 7 to eat to ensure that  I could reach my training class punctually, no?

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Ju Zie said...

Camne nak dtg selit nih? Hehe

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