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Twins of Faith 2014 : World of the Unseen

13th- 14th Dec2014

I've heard about this islamic conference since last year.  But only one year later,  the interest and curiosity of the conference crept in my mind..and so, I purchased the ticket!

Apart from lecture mode at the main auditorium, there was also workshops conducted concurrently at the other side of the complex.

So it went back to us to choose which speaker and topics that interest us more to listen. This annual conference lined up speakers from various countries across the globe. Therefore, the experiences when listening to these speakers were fantastic.

So here are some of key messages that I managed to jot down from the 2-day conference.

The signs of Allah by Sheikh Daood Butt

1) When you remember Him, your heart will shiver
2)We love Allah swt because he is the One that blesses us
3) We pray for Allah swt for His Blessings
4) We dont use His Blessings to displease Him

Important pillar in believing Qadr by Sheikh Muizz Bukhary

1)Allah swt knows everything i.e past, present, future
2)Believe that everything has been written that is 50,000 years before creation of heaven
3)Bring in our heart ; When Allah swt will someone to be guided, he will be guided BUT when Allah swt will him to lead astray, no one will be able to guide him. We have the free will, but Allah swt ALWAYS knows what option you going to choose.
4)Allah swt created every single thing. Our decision is the creation of Allah swt.

Duaa between the Seen and the Unseen - Dr Jamaan Al Zahrani

It was narrated that Rasulullah saw has said :
"There is no duaa of a muslim without response but:
1) Allah swt keep it from you to hereafter
2)Allah swt avoid from bad things happen to you."

Aisyah r.a said she knows Allah swt answers her duaa when she duaa with tears.

6 adab when make duaa ,
1)dont be hurry to get result
2)amal maaruf nahi mungkar
3)ensure halal income
4)have good heart to love muslim brothers and sister
5)seek Allah swt , good or bad time
6)make connection between ourselves and Allah swt.

The ultimate abode by sheikh Yahya Ibrahim

Jannah : No one has heard of it, no human heart can ever imagine it.

In jannah, grass is zaffron, the youth shall never departed.

Jannah is earned through trial.Allah swt hid jannah with all these :
1)loves the one who does not love him/her
2) restrains your anger

Some questions raised for us to ponder. Those imply our place to jannah.
1) How many juzuk of Al Quran you complete in a week?
2)How many solat have you done apart from solat fardhu?
3)Do you bring comfort to people of people relieve when you depart?
4)Are you source of comfort or source of trial to others?

Creations of smokeless fire by Sheikh Muizz Bukhary

Definition of jannah : hidden garded, no human has witnessed it, heard of it, crossed mind of human being.

Jin : Hidden from human sight, created before mankind from smokeless fire

Types of jin
1)jinni : general
2)(forget the name) :live with people
3)marid : evil, demonic
4)ghilan : disturb you, so call the athan
5)ifrit : fly to the air , take form of black snake

We can see the jin but not in the original form. Oldest individual living on the face of earth is Iblis (Azazil).
Iblis is a jin, not malaikat (angel)
Malaikat doesn't disobey Allah swt command.

Jin produces 9 at one birth

Rasulullah saw recites 3 Qul when he cannot sleep.
Read ayatul qudsi before sleep , and no devil will disturb you until morning.

Creatures of light by Sheikh Karim Abuzaid

1)When a sister loves another sister for the sake of Allah swt. , tell her.

2)If you want your spouse to love you, be obedient to Allah swt. Aishah r.a never jealous to the other wives but to Khadijah r.a.

3)Angels have different sizes. Jibril has 600 wings that block the horizon.

4)Jibril earlobe and shoulder takes 700 years to reach.

5)We cannot see the angels in angelic form unless Rasulullah saw.

6) At Kaabah, angels get only once in a lifetime visa to visit as the others are taking turn too.

7)In creation of Adam a.s , angels do not question His Command

Note : Ok. That's it. Hopefully it benefits us in any way possible.But at remote possibility, if there is any of the info above has some discrepancies, it is totally my bad.

Apart from learning session, there are also bazaar for shopping, yes shopping!

The organizer is also brilliant in their strategy to attract more participants by providing mother's room , and play and pray section. So parents can have some freedom to listen to the talk while the kids are having fun.

Sister's corner was set up for sisters to listen while having some relaxing activities such manicure and other spa services. Well, personally,lecture hall experience is still the best for me.

Some of the knowledge is the basic knowledge that we have known all our live. But then, there is something about the atmosphere, surrounded with people who crave for ilmu which make the feeling of being in the conference become another interesting life experience.

 All in all, I start to fall in love with the conference of this liking ,and I wish I will get the opportunity to join more of it in the future.

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