Sunday, December 28

Big Bad Wolf 2014

12th Dec 2014

Last year I cudnt make it to this annual exhibition, so this year I determine to go and see it by myself and buy myself the books.


Yes, there were a lot of people in the hall, but we still can choose the books at peace. Good thing is that the organizer has also provided basket for the visitors,so it saved us from bring our own trolley bag to buy masses of books at one go.

The price of the books are unbelievably cheap and I took my own sweet time to find my usual fictional books.

It was not hard to find the books of my favourite authors, well, I was over the moon. Picked up the books without seeing the price tag. And just to find out the cost is less than RM60 for all these books I chose.

This is heaven for book lovers.!

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Ju Zie said...

Man! Less than $60!?

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