Monday, December 1

Nuttela Pod

Let's talk about food some more. I've been meaning to do something new, but not so sure what to do.
The idea popped in my mind in one of my lazy weekend on raining Friday. It is November, means that monsoon season is starting to show up nowadays.
This whole idea was triggered from conversation with Ainul via whatsapp, who brought nutella pod for her officemates.  Knowing that the recipe is easy to do, and when I know that it costs RM15 for 10 pcs of them, I just couldn't wait to try it myself. As suggested by Ainul, I got the recipe from here .

The ingredients are easy to get, and it doesn't require so much time to bake a tray of them. Just 10 minutes at 180 degree C. I use chopstick to make an indentation and icing pipe to insert the nutella into it. Smudge- free.! Nevertheless, every pod is "vanished" just when nuttella is inserted in it. All my siblings are at home, I barely able to save a container of them by the time second round of the mix is baked. Ho ho.

I kept doing the same process from 11 o'clock in the morning until last tray in the oven at 7 o'clock in the evening. Thankfully the few last batches were successfully saved to be brought to office on the next day. I finished full jar of nutella, and left another jar at home for the next weekend's plan. I came home 5 days later just to see an empty jar, the nuttella was exhausted by siblings due to prolong starvation in the past raining days. Bertuah!

Normal nuttella pod I saw was just plain nuttela filling in it. But I chose to use crush almond on top it, just to add some cosmetic value on it. Hi hi.

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