Saturday, December 27

Aging Gracefully with SKII. (Meowww~)

It started about two years back, when I was having severe skin allergic at u-zone of my face. The worse acne allergic were all over my face, but thankfully they were well covered by my hijab.

The process of healing the allergic effect was not found overnight. I went through series of  "try and error" skincare products and just to find out that the efforts went straight to the drain. Hmpphh..

I was  using the other Japan skincare products back then ( I dunno, but  I have certain degree of confidence in using Japan products ), but due to the prolong allergic effects, I started to use all ranges of skincare to cure them  from as cheap as rice soap until I decided to try the priciest skincare I ever known, SKII.

 Until I went to see the doctor, then only I started to find the true cure to my horrible acne attack. It's not that the use of it has solved the entire allergic problem, but boy, I found it hard to stop using it when I started feeling the result of it over time.

When consuming skincare, anti aging stuff or any other beauty products , I have the belief good products show result slower but lifelong, if it is maintained properly.  So nothing much difference that I expected overnight, but wait I until I grow wiser ..( I refuse to use word older here. Kah kah kah)

Good thing I enjoy shopping for this skincare is that they give free mini size of other products for certain amount of purchase...

....Which is just perfect for traveling kit. So you get some stuff you bought along with some gifts. Isn't it fun to shop more? Tee hee...

When reaching Christmas season, the bargain becomes a lot more overwhelming. Using points collected  from previous purchases for the entire year, we will get more free gift for redemption, some of them worth hundred ringgit of face masks, and other fabulous skincare stuff that you won't bother to buy in regular purchase.

I was happened to visit the store to replenish my stuff and apparently I have ended up buying a little more than planned but received a lottttt more gifts than I have expected. Weee hoo~

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Ju Zie said...

Racun la saya... Haha

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