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Kiddos in Mini Zoo Kemaman

21st Feb 2015

It was long weekend so I decided to bring the kids of my family to visit Mini Zoo Kemaman.

The mini zoo has been established quite some time, but only now I felt called to bring them there. Bad sistah~

Of course all of them, my baby siblings including nephew Muiz were excited upon hearing the plan!The shuttle is available at the front gate to bring us further in the main zoo area.

The kids were excited watching the animals they normally saw in telly like elephants, tiger, crocodiles and etc. I was amused seeing their excitement, that I wished that I brought them here earlier.Hihi.

We explored over one hour to cover most of the zoo area, before leaving for lunch.

Some of them are a bit smelly, ah you know~. And it was funny that my Mak couldn't bring herself to have her lunch after seeing the animals there. Kui kui kui.

The excitement prolonged, that Muiz enthusiastically told his uncles and aunties on what he saw in the zoo as soon as we reached home.

2 responses:

Unknown said...

Is it mini zoo? How can they fit elephants!?

Ju Zie said...

^^ Ezam buli ko.. Haha.. Muiz semangat already!

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