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The Straight Path Convention

28-29th March 2015

So I heard about this seminar and again I was attracted to go all the way to Shah Alam to join the crowd. The Straight Path Convention is mainly focus on what good deeds that we should do in efforts to go to Jannah, the roadblocks from Jannah and many topics were discussed in related to Jannah. The interesting part of this convention is that one of the speakers is a prominent daie which is well known in FB, that is Mufti Ismail Menk. 

I was supposed to be in this seminar for two days, but things went wrong somewhere, I couldn’t make it to the second day. That was so sad. Huhuh..
Nevertheless, I managed to jot down a few key take away that I believe will be worthwhile for me to  share here. Please be with my writing this time around,  I didn’t do any photo taking at all during all day. Can you believe it! Must be so engrossed with the talks, and ehem-speaker perhaps. Duh~

Topic 1 :The Straight Path to Jannah  by Mufti Ismail Menk

1)The ultimate wish a slave should have is guide to the straight path; which is one of ayah in surah al Fatihah
2)With His permission, one will be guided on the straight path that is belonged to Him
3)Not the path for those who hold the anger, or those who lead astray.
4)They are people who doesn’t know, but embarrassed to admit will misguide any person who is asking him. Those people who earn the anger of Allah swt.
5)The straight path is the quickest path, that is belonged to Allah swt. with no jaggedness.

Topics 2 : Roadblocks to Jannah by Sheikh Saaed Rageah

Things that hinder you from Janaah are ;
1)      Companions: bad friends that bring us to sin, doing haram things
2)      Women: Allah swt is testing you  through world and women. Men are very weak in front of woman.
3)      Children : they are gift from Allah swt
4)      Parents : they can be roadblocks, but they also can be easy way to paradise.

Topic 3 : Building blocks to Jannah by  Mufti Ismail Menk

Ways to fast track to Jannah
1)      Conscious to Allah swt/ Taqwa
2)      Good attitude
3)      Seek knowledge. Allah swt is looking excused to give His workshippers to Jannah. i.e female with dog story
4)      You will be granted with Jannah if you serve your parents, provided the intention is pure. Because it requires great sacrifice and patience to do it.
5)      Whoever, for the sake of Allah swt, build a mosque, you will be granted a home in Jannah
6)      Whoever goes to mosque every morning and evening, you will have place in Jannah decorated for you.
7)      Greet each other with salam genuinely
8)      Maintain you family relationship
9)      Prostrate a lot. The closest slave with Creator is when in position of prostration.

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