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Places We Stayed in New Zealand

Just recently my friends and I went to New Zealand for 14 days. Yes it was the longest trip we have made so far, thus made it the most lodgings we rented throughout the journey. So this entry is served for overview of our lodgings, whihch is highly recommendable for budget backpacker, or luggage-er, for that matter.

Auckland, North Island

On the first day, we were greeted with Malaysian hospitality by Kak Anita who have been staying in Auckland for quite some time. The best part is that we were welcome with mee hailam in the midnight followed with nasik lemak for breakfast. That was the warmest hospitality received from a friend before we started our journey -all on expenses. Kui kui kui..

If you choose to stay at affordable guest house run by Malaysian, Mesra Guesthouse is the best option. We were greeted from doorstep, and they were even helping and guiding us to pick the 'must-go-places' in both North and South Island.

The guesthouse is on bed and breakfast concept. All you have to do in the morning is to get dressed and  while getting ready to launch the journey of the day, the breakfast is ready on the table.

And the location is perfectly situated at a scenery neighborhood, that surely we have to snap some pics before hop on the car.

Rotorua, North Island

From Auckland, we drove to Rotorua for its attractions such as Lake Taupo, which is well known for Bungy Jump activity and its vast scenery lake. And there is also Maori Cultural Heritage Center that is worth to watch when you are in New Zealand, apart from super gorgeous scenery  surrounding the village like hot spring, geyser and etc.

It took three hours driving from Auckland, thus we decided to stay overnight in Rotorua. We were lucky to learn that budget and yet comfortable hostel like YHA hostel is available in NZ land. They have a few common areas such as kitchen complete with cutlery and cooking utensils, rest area and etc. Most importantly the premise is clean! With the cost as cheap as 20 dollar per pax per night, the value we get is very worthy.

South Island

When we reached South Island, the trip was switched to a very independent mode. We rented a campervan! It was convenience in a sense that we didn't have to do repetitive packing and unpacking stuff, not to mention the idea of lugging our suitcase everytime we reached the accommodation. So we saved our energy from that hassle.

Unlike Northen part,South Island is campervan-friendly. All you have to be prepared is to reach the campsite before midnight for safety reason.

Every night the campervan need to  be charged, which its facilities only available at holiday park or camp site.  We have selected Top 10 holiday parks throughout this trip for its extensive facilities such as kitchen, laundry and washroom. Everything about the facilities is hygiene and well-maintained that made you forget the exhaustion of long drive instantly.

About the campervan, we hired this luxury vehicle from Kea.  The daily rate varies according to specific season, and we were lucky as we hired it during off-season. Yes, there is other budget campervan available on the intenet. But being the first timer behind its wheel, we didn't want to take the chance.

So we went to a few Top 10 Holiday Parks around South Island and one of  the best is in Christchurch.

We returned to Auckland from South Island to explore the northest part of New Zealand in Paihia. Staying one night in Paihia, we chose to stay again in YHA hostels as it is located very close to Paihia town. Just purfeccttt~

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