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Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai for New Year 2016

31st Dec- 4th Jan 2016

Yes, it has been ages since my trip to Chiang Mai, and only now I managed to find time to write about the trip. So many worldly commitments that I hv to oblige that writing this entry has become the least thing that I remember to finish. Walaweiii...

The first location we went was historical temple ,Wat Phra Keaw.

We have our tour around and inside out the temple, and had some shopping free, as the is also market nearby selling local handicrafts.

Then we went to next temple, Wat Chedi Luang. Info from our tour guide, it took three decades for this structure to be built.

The weather was sunny, but the wind was chilly. So we went to the inside of the temple, and the interior is indeed amusing.

We had our lunch in Chiang Mai before we proceed to go to long haul drive to Chiang Rai.

On the second day, we started our tour to Hill Tribe Village which resides Karen Long Neck tribe.


This village has been commercialize as tourist spot, where we can see the Myanmar refugees  who have migrated to Thailand. And they made money buy selling handicrafts to the incoming tourists.

This lady is said as the oldest one in this village, thus she has become one of tourist attraction to take picture with.

The next place was to visit Mae Fah Luang Garden. It is a huuuuuge flower garden. Situated at the peak of Doi Tung, the place is windy and chilly. And we certainly enjoyed it the most.

We have had our lunch at Mae Sai city, while waiting for our guides to perform Jumaat prayer. We crossed Mae Sai Thailand-Burma border to visit Myanmar land.

Oh yes, it was totally different experience and it felt as if we were thrown to the 20th century. The poor rate in the city is so obvious and even we can smell it literally. We have been in the city just a few hours but I was already itching to return to Thailand. huhu.

We were brought to temple and mosque and its flea market before we proceed to our next destination.

The next place we went was Laos. Yes, Laos country. The territory of Mae Sai, Burma and Laos as Golden Triangle. Again, we boarded speedboat to cross the Mekong River to reach Laos.


At night time, we have had our delicious dinner at Thai Muslim restaurant. The portion is big, and the price is surprisingly cheap!

We went to night market and did some shopping before we called it a day.

On the third day, we decided an impromptu plan to visit Black House.  The house is made of teak and it is all in black!

We returned to Chiang Mai on the same day and our next destination was The White Palace. There were loads of visitors to this palace. We were awed by the modern architecture of white palace. We went for a tour around the palace before proceed to lunch , and yes, to our hotel in Chiang Mai.

It was time to recharge!

On the following day, we have our tour at various handicraft center in  Chiang Mai, and one of the spots was Umbrella Making Center.

We were also brought to another temple at the hilltop using cable car, Doi Suthep.

This is the photo taken at city moat. This has not to be missed when you visit Chiang Mai, ok!

We have come to the last day of our trip, and the first thing to have for our final breakfast is Roti Canai Chiang Mai and Telur Kuali. It were super awesome delicacies to kick start our day. Weehu!

It is not perfect if the trip was not complimented with spa experience. Thus we decided to have it a go, and our tour guide brought us to this exclusive spa.

It was luxury experience and the smell of the spa is really refreshing. And we ready to return to Malaysia facing year 2016 with a great spirit!

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