Friday, January 29

Tadom Hill Resort,Banting

 25th December 2015.

I was happened to attend Twins Of Faith conference this weekend, so I stayed at Fiza's crib.
And it was her idea to hv a picnic at Tadom Hill on the day before the conference. 

We were guided merely by Waze to reach Banting.

The place is quite isolated and there is no proper signboard to the destination. Hence, it took series of u-turns and navigation on the same roads for a few rounds before we gave up and asked the locals.

There are groups of people already queuing to enter the picnic premise. Apparently the area was just opened for public weeks earlier, thus loads of rooms that highly need for improvement especially on the entry system.

All visitors are required to register with the entrance fee of RM 20 , if I'm not mistaken.

There are also picnic mat for rental, and if you plan for some privacy, there are also tents available for rent. 

The entrance fee includes water activities , and all of us were equipped with safety lifejacket. However, the life guard is also available to oversee our safety in the lake.

Most of   us enjoyed being in the green lake. The scenery is really beautiful and peaceful. The time to enjoy the lake at its bestis in the morning. In the midday it was so sunny that sunbathing felt rather painfully hot. Grrr..

It is a very pleasant sight to see group of families and friend were around us with their own picnic setting. It is just refreshing being at  the lush greenery place like this.

We hv our nice breakfast and lunch alternately with water activities. How relaxing.. Ahaaa:)

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