Tuesday, January 10

M.S. Garden, Kuantan

It was school break and reaching the year end, I was invited to attend PMMS Workshop at M.S. Garden Kuantan.  Situated in the heart of Kuantan city, the hotel is best stayed when I brought along my sisters. The shopping complex, Megamall is located next to the hotel, so I could save my worry of them being left starving when I was away in the meeting. Hihi.

The hotel room is spacious and with four of us staying in the room, it was just perfect!

This is the view from our room. Upon seeing the swimming pool on the next day after arrival, my two little sisters, Nadia and Ika were itching all day to jump into the pool! First time dapt mandi swimming pool sama sama katakan~

Out of boredom in the room while waiting for the pool area to be opened, this is what they did. Cam-whore! hihi.

While the sisters were having bread and fruits as their lunch, their big sister was having scrumptious delicacies in the restaurant downstairs. Keji kan? Haha.!

Well, it is obviously impossible for me to bring along my sisters with me everytime  I travel on business trips. But once in a while when the opportunity appears, it is such a wonderful sisterhood getaway.!

p.s : LOL when Ika pronounces it as  M titik S titik garden .*hiks*

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Ju Zie said...

o man.. the ika is big now!

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