Sunday, January 22

My Bachelor Pad- Story of a makeover

Having own house is definitely everyone`s dream, and it is no exception for myself. Year 2012 appears and I am now officially moving in my new bachelor pad. I am so delighted after all challenges and hardship, finally the efforts have paid off.....

......Errr,..the intro sounds so cliche. Ok, let`s go straight to the point about the entire story of this entry.

I have once written a wishlist about posessing a new house in this entry. And trust me, at the point of time when the wish was listed, it was merely what we called as 'wishful thinking'. What with the endless commitments that I have all around my waist, I was thinking that buying a house can only be accomplished at least after one or two years down the road.


Alhamdulillah, the rezeki came earlier than I thought. But but but, it was never an easy deal to get the house complete as it is.  One woman show with multiple conflicts, and yes, I am talking about  dealing with them who were hired to complete the house.

I bought it at 80% completion , certainly I was a bit nervous of the idea to find the right contractor in completing the house  100%, but we will never know how it goes until we try it, won't we? 

The plus side of buying unfinished house like this is that I could customize the panting and accesorize the house the way I wanted and how it suits to my taste. Hihi.  I bought this house somewhere in July 2011 and this is how it looked like.  Nak masuk pon kena redah lalang.

I was not really fancy the shocking yellow paint of the outer house, thus I changed it to this kuning kulit telur paint. And I started to grow some plants in the pot with the hope that it will last very very long with me.Wish right now.. wish right now~


Now welcome into the house.

The living room, dining room and family room are located at one hall. So this was how it looked like when I first bought it.Plain boring, white base, no? So what was the color of choice for the primary room of the house?


Yes, definitely pinky! I wonder if  one day when I left this house to be rented, is there any guys would want to stay in this pinky house? Kih kih kih. Ahh watevah!.... 

Most of the furnitures are the 'paid heritages' from Ju Zie. It feels like they were meant to be with me when they  were bought from the shop. Coincidentally they suit to the interior paints and the concept that I was having in mind.


This is the corner to the kitchen ,the third room and second bathroom.


When the renovation completed, voila!~ 


This picture was taken from the other side of the living room. Ah well, there are not many compartments in this house other than three rooms, kitchen and another toilet, anyway. Hehe.


After the transformation, here it looks like!

And lastly is the kitchen part.


I chose green painting for the kitchen. And as the result, it turned out as shocking green! and yet, somehow it is refreshing~

Ok, that was the end of the short tour around my house. There are plans that I have in mind in deco-ing the house, and yet it has to wait. The cash meter need to be raised back after months of draining them. Hihihih.

2 responses:

Ju Zie said...

Seriusly super gojez! Kapet baru i see!

mrs redzuan said...

mmg sgtla canteknya uols. carpet tu...terkejut mak dgr regenyaaa...isk iskk...

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