Wednesday, March 21

Adele-Set Fire to the Rain

It started from Rolling in the deep, when I repeatitively hear the song, gradually I found that the beautiful voice of this English 24-yr-old singer is getting irresistable. And it was followed with Someone Like You, which has unleashed her undeniable strong vocal.

And come the next hits, Set Fire to the Rain, with its haunting title, now I am Adele- addicted. Never get enough with her songs especially this very new song.

Effortlessly beautiful singing.

On the other hand, her award-winning fiesta during recent Grammy Award at her first time appearance, I have a feeling that she has the potential to be the next Whitney Houston, ok, definitely not with the cocaine and drugs abuse whatsoever.:p

And while it was apparent that her physical is not as skinny as other gorge singers, she is beautiful in her own way, no?

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