Thursday, March 15

Tivoli Garden Residence Apartment, Manila

We arrived in Manila in the morning, so next thing to do was to unpack our stuff, get refreshed before going off to the city. Oh hang on, for the intro, my friends and I went to a short trip to Manila recently. We wasted not much time at the Clark Airport and shoot to Tivoli Garden Residence Apartment in Makati city.

The local settlements along the way are almost at  run down state, but as we entered the apartment premise, we were caught offguard. Complete different as compared to the surrounding community. And silently I thank God that our lodging for this trip was not that bad.

checking in

counting pesos in hand.converting frm little RM, it was a lllooottt man!

Ok, let`s have a brief tour inside our shelter. This apartment comprises of 3 bedrooms with two bathroom, living room and kitchen. It was a small unit of apartment , but I think the landlord is very genius in deco-ing the available space so that it looks bigger.
                                                                             the pantry

 Flat screen LCD, with American Idols and Best of How I Met Your Mother marathon in Starworld channel,enough to make us felt at home. Not that I am really a fan of AI, but, who cares~


Overall, the stay was really worth the money we spent, at super affordable rate and backpacker-friendly! Oh yes, I booked the website from

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Ju Zie said...

deco mmg cun... impressive!

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