Tuesday, March 13

Charles and Keith for the next complete wishlist

Oh yes, nowadays, travelling to KL hasn't been a regular trip anymore. And recently I had an annual ACD assesment at KLCC tower.The assessment took over 3 hours to complete, and even the assessor interupted casually in the middle of the assessment "alaa tak payah serious sangat ngn ACD ni, datang KL mesti shopping.." duhh!~~

Ok, lets make it short, the assessment went well *:-DD*, I was delighted upon exitting the room and skipped the tour around Suria KLCC and went to the hotel room, instead.

I changed my formal attire of blouse, pants and shoes to shirt, jeans and sneakers. Off I went to have a stroll at Pavilion.

Speaking of wishlist, I`ve been meaning to buy a pair of high heels, I mean literally high, not just one or two inch higher, but 4 inches and I always hooked with Charles and Keith collections. When entering the Charles and Keith  store, I always had an adrenaline rush seeing the beautiful shoes, but man! why they are sooo freaking high for my height? And the intention stopped there, with no Charles & Keith was grabbed.

And this time around, as always I entered the same store again to browse around the shoes, and aaahh.. , being alone with no friend by my side to be 'ruler reminder', I slipped off my sneaker and there~!

It felt so good in it that I just didn`t care of how ridiculously tall  I will be. I guess that`s why womens' obsess towards stuff like shoes or bags, for that matter, sometimes beyond reasonable explanation, no?

So now this pair has joined the rest of my shoes collections, notice how it differs with my other footwears? :)

3 responses:

Ju Zie said...

fuh... ko nk jd gergasi super saya ke? hihi

Achiq said...

ju, ko klu jalan dgn aku jgn pakai kasut ni...nampak benor mcm orng kenit aku nanti...hihihi...teringat sarah kena jadi orng kenit....

Juli said...

uol2, jangan risau,bila pakai footwear mesti dah ade plan for the day supaya takde kes naya.heheh

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