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BAKTI 2012- Get socialized with kids

31st March 2012

Being in multinational oil and gas company which is majorly run by local profesionals, it is one of values that is inculcated in our mindset, that is energy received, energy return. To reflect the value in the local community where its regional subsidiary operates, my company has selected a primary school nearby our base  as our "Sekolah Angkat" for a program called BAKTI. 

In other word, this is part of our corporate social responsiblities to local community in enriching and assisting the kids  to improve their self esteem and be certain of who they want to be when they grow up. That`s where we called ourselves as "akak and abang BAKTI".

The session is established on the agreement between schools and Young Executive Club (YPC) in our orgnization, on monthly basis. So, unlike most of the weekends, I made myself available this time to join other colleagues mingling with the kids range 10-12 years old in the activities that have been planned earlier.

Ah man, mingling with these kids was like when I was with my own little brothers and sisters, it just that I have to refrained myself at my best for not to overly boss them around , and not to scream when my order was not being obeyed (like I always do when I was at home). Kui kui kui. I guess this is part of angry management for me too.

So one of the favourite activities in BAKTI for kick-off session is "Drawing you ambition".So my co-facilitator with I brought our group of kids to one place and let them take their time to draw and colour their ambition.
Later on, they were requested to speak out loud about their drawing. Some of them appeared shy initially and after we encouraged them, their confidence improved and spoke loud and clear about their artwork. And that is the intention of having this program, to unleash their confident level especially when it comes to speaking in front of the public.
While we  facilitating the session with the kids, the parents were starting  to fulfil the hall for the next event with parents. One of the kids, Ahmad Danial said" Mak kita tak datang, mak kita sakit".  When was asked back, he told that his mother couldnt walk due to diabetis, and his father has passed away. The answer attracted my attention to ask him more and more.

Kids hide no secret, he told me that he always come to school late because he needs to buy food for his sick mother. His sister and brother were away from home and no grown up siblings were there to take care of the mother. I dont expect to hear this in this kinda program, but Danial just spilled about his life nonchalantly while drawing and I found myself  broken-hearted listening to his story.. But definitely I won't let it show.There was something crossed my mind, and somehow I am grateful for what I have been gifted.

Back to Danial and his drawing. He drew helicopter and later on when we asked him to present the drawing in front of other friends, he told us that his ambition is to be a pilot. After being with kids for a few similar sessions, that is typical for me. But when he added, " Saya nak jadi pilot and bawak Mak saya pegi Mekah naik helicopter saya.." I was touched.

Deep down, I wish Allah bless his life and family and may his noble dream come true. Aminn.

3 responses:

Ju Zie said...

Amiinn.. Siriusly touching story..

♥readikara♥ said...

Sedihnya.. May Allah fullfil his wish n do'a..

Btw,color wall tu same dgn rumah julie kn? :p

Juli said...

budak tu rilek je berciter kisah sedih die. inesen btol. kt umah pink terus. tp inspired frm color blog la.heheh

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