Sunday, April 22

New 'toys' for home-deco

One of my habit after coming back from work is watching tv.  But when watching alone, this eyes never stare the tv alone, but also around the tv.

And it was empty, with nothing except for pink wall.

Thus, I rummaged my album to find some fabs pics, grabbed lavender flowers and fragrance sticks from Lovely Lace. And here it is!

I was told by a friend of mine about Kufi art for deco-ing my wall . When I googled for it, I was hooked to the artwork there and then. And of course, I ordered some pieces of them  for my home. Oh anyway, it is very interesting to know how to read this kind of artwork.

                                                                3 Qul in transparent glass

Now, I have something else to see other than at the telly, kan?

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