Monday, April 30

Fine dining at 39th Restaurant, PNB Darby Park

A-ha... I got another dining experiences to be laid out here. I stayed at PNB Darby Park for attending training for almost a week. And the lunches were provided at The 39th Restaurant, which is located at 39th floor.

It seems like the hotel has a speciality in serving super delicious Malay food. And the dishes were arranged to suit my big appetite for lunches throughout the week. Here we go!

Of course all of these main courses have to be started with the appetizer. And my all-time favourite is always the fresh mussels. With an additional of italian, thousand island and other dressings, I promise the thousand island dripped mussels taste the best.


And to wrap the meals up, it has to be finished with a bowl of assorted ice-creams. Wouldn`t it be heaven enough~

2 responses:

hazari. said...

izzit im commenting on the same post i've commented on my first time coming here ? hihihi, food and hotels all over again.

Hello ! its been a while i didn't drop by.

Juli said...

nah! new entry for new experience, every time!

hello~ long time didnt hear u yea!

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