Tuesday, July 15

Cooking Project in Ramadhan 1435H

I don't regard myself as a good cook, but I have a belief that cooking is one of the therapy to shut my mind from things that didn't turn out  the way that I have expected. Some things.

In Ramadhan this year,I decided to go back and forth to Mak's for breaking fast. So most of the days I arrived home quite close to iftar hour, so all I have to do was to get things ready on the table, plate, drinks,mugs and all.

When weekend arrived, I decided to cook something I like,for all my family member were around for the iftar. They were sweet sour siakap and chicken paprik!

There were 15 of us under one roof this evening, so I cooked sweet sour gravy for 3 fishes! I mean, year in year out, this was the most noble efforts of cooking that I have done so far. heheh.. Ok, that's totally an exaggeration.Forget it.

When I get older these days *cough*, veges are one of primary dishes for my menu, apart from ulam and stuff. So I cooked chicken paprik, that was the early intention, but I only remembered to chop the chicken when all of veges and ingredients were mixed on the kitchen. Lousy cook. Hmmph..

Out of the blue, I feel like eating karipap sambal ikan, and I told Mak about it.No,no, the craving was DIY curry puff, not ones from  bazzar or whatsoever. At the end of the day, it was me who were doing the dough and whatnot. Ok this was the first attempt, and it looked fine, no? Thanks a million for Mak's supervision and great guide.:))

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Ju Zie said...

Missing chef juli's cooking!

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