Wednesday, May 4

My sister should know these facts before she spoke to her sports teacher.

My sister, Nadia was selected to undergo an intensive training at Gong Badak to represent Terengganu as a 200m and 100m sprinter. The moment I told Mother to decline it, Father has already granted the permission to the school. Too late..
Nadia`s sport teacher asked her why I was adamant to not let her undergo the training. Just so you know, I called the sports teacher straight away to call her off as my attempt to stop her. And he even asked my sister whether I play any sports. To my surprise, Nadia answered no. I was like                      

I mean, surely I don’t want the teacher to see me as anti-sports as the reason of my disapproval, no?
Speaking of which, the past two weeks have been very vigorous weeks of the year, for the company where I work had organized our Mini Sports Carnival 2011. Being in maintenance department, where the numbers of female staff are really limited, I have participated in a few sports, out of my interest as well as cukupkan korum. And the motivation – at least RM 30 voucher for second runner up for every sports participated. Hihihi. So what are those sports? Here we go!
But before anything, I got myself a new sport shoes for more safety, comfort and yes- for this year`s carnival. Excited!ahahaha

17-18th : Squash
Squash is used to be my hang-out sports with my bestie, her husband and a few other fellas every week. After sweating ourselves during the games, we will gain back those losing calories by having McD supper late at night. I participated squash during this carnival and contributed some points to my team to win ourselves 3rd place. *i hear a sound of Ka-chingg!*
18-19th  : Netball
It is common, whenever there is sports carnival, there will be netball. I played too and we won second runner up. Sad to say, I managed to make only a few successful shots compared to many more wasted attempts. But hey, we won too! Hihih
18th- 19th : Volleyball
My serving skill never gets better for the second year of being volleyball player, let alone spiking skill. Well, perhaps I still have next year to do something.  And we won it too- at third place tho. Hahah

24th : Basketball
This was the first time I played basketball. Apparently it was more fun and less feminine rather than playing netball. I like! Anyway, we didn`t win anything for this game. Too bad..
26th -27th  :  Futsal
That was the wrap up for the games I participated. We didn`t win anything, too. But the games were so fun and worth running to chase the ball. Hihih. And the exhaustion is finally paid off. Whee~

The next new thing I want to learn - tennis!

3 responses:

Ju Zie said...

Hihi... Klo aku sure jd kakak amok.. Hehe!

Achiq said...

u tertinggal 1 lagi games..
yr fav.... boling.. hihihi

Juli said...

juzie : kakak amokkan diri dalam blognyer.hihi

Achiq: yala, frust dpt lowest scorer sampai lupa nk include.hahah

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