Friday, May 27

Punt Hill The Stanton Apartment, Melbourne

We arrived in Melbourne in the morning and went straight to our lodging to fresh up before proceed with the first tour. And this time around we stayed at Punt Hill The Stanton Apartment.

The apartment is situated at St.Kilda street. Only after we arrived there,we learnt that the apartment is located strategically nearby  the tram route where we could hop on and off the tram easily to go around the city. Plus, the apartment is situated next to Subway outlet, which saved our energy to go further from the apartment to find some bites. It has three rooms in each aparment that we rented.

the kitchen and living room

the view of autumn scenery  from the window of our apartment

In overall, the service met our expectation throughout our stay, except for the lacking of hospitality from the apartment owner during our arrival. Urgghh..!I prefer to save the details.Hihih

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