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WPB 2012 and Shutdown Getaway in Melbourne

It is in the middle of hectic days at my work, for WPB 2012 budget cycle is still going on - which means that I am having hard time to catch my breath in office, and it justifies the long idle in this blog from any updates.

On the other hand, some of my travel mates are also on their busy days dealing with shutdown at the plants. But hey, the reasons were not strong enough to stop us from taking leaves and escape to our next destination- Melbourne! 

Welcome by chilled air at 18°c where the local time is 2 hours earlier than Malaysian time , we finally arrived in Tullamarine Airport after 8 hours of journey. It was a super brief trip, thus, the itinerary was well laid out with travel agent before departure date.

                                                          Waiting for the bus at Federal Square

We started off our first visit in the afternoon to wildlife sanctuary where koalas, kangaroos, wombats and more Australian wildlife reside. 

Feeding frenzy
It was getting dark, we headed to Philip Island to see penguins parade. Apparently, the picture taking was prohibited. The reason being, their sight nerves might damage if it is exposed to the flash from the camera. Nevertheless, Ju Zie the iphone user never failed to quietly snap the cute little penguins which were parading from the beach in the dark. Awesome!

                                           clockwise :wombat, penguins parade,antagonis bird in Rio =p, kangaroo, koala

                                        Koala Conservation Center-  breathtaking scenery in the woods

On the second day, we resumed the visit to Great Ocean Road. We went out as early as 7 o’clock in the morning while the air was chill at 10°c. We stopped at Colac briefly where we had the chance to snap pictures of autumn scenery, where the yellow and orange leaves were all over the places. A must- snap scenery  that we might missed had the tour guide not stopped by there.

The next spot was Twelve Apostles, where magnificent cliffs and natural structures were seen from the look out. It was windy day, but we were awed by the sight of scenery and wasted no time to snap pictures. The visit  was followed with London Bridge before resumed to Great Ocean Road.

                    Twelve Apostles - Chopper service is available for air tour, too bad we couldnt afford it.huhu

                                                Lord Arc Gorge- beach with superstrong current

                                     London Bridge- it was 'broken' into two due to constant wave attack

                                                                 From Twelve Apostle look-out

                                                         The day was getting dark, and we had another brief stop at Lorne.

The overall trip took up all day to complete. Nevertheless, we resumed the sightseeing and shopping in Melbourne CBD at night, where we stood a chance to take a ride to  go back to the apartment by using the tram.
                                                                   Busily paying the tram fare

Only after we hopped on the tram, Ju Zie alarmed us that we had taken the opposite direction from our destination. As a result, all of us stranded at the middle of the road wating the next coming tram.
‘Looser tourists!’

Foodwise, we had excessive intakes of Subway and fish n chips. For the last night in Melbourne, we opted to try Halal Kebabs, with the price that might choke us all.hihihi.

Seeing the price and convert to RM, it is super pricey y'know

All food is wrapped using paper. Australians very serious when it comes to preserve their environment

 Attention lover little blonde on the airbus. hihih

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Ju Zie said...

Thank god dpt tdo dlm bas.. Klo x.. Sure migren x cukup rehat, hihi

Juli said...

hohoho..lng hours of sleeping in the it to the bits!haha

Piah Becok said...

awwwww bestnye.. bile la nak pi sana jugak niii

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