Tuesday, May 31

Angry Birds for PC

It was one night after playing squashy, I went strolling in Mesra Mall with Aulfah- an iPhone4 buddy, when she suddenly pointed to a toy at one of the stalls and said
 Eh, angry bird! It`s out already!
I was like – err..Ok.. I have no idea which toy she was talking about.
I was in the car with Ju.Zie and her husband chattering on our way to KL. Out of  the blue, Ju.Zie- also an iPhone4 buddy pointed to a toy in the car in front of us and shouted
Eh, angry bird!!
And I went
Why people kept on talking about angry birds these days??
Apparently, the character which was also featured in Rio movie is now a popular game amongst iPhone users. Oh man! This is what happened when I am missed out from the current trend and technology.
 Nevertheless, I am not a game person, thus I never tried to play and see how fun the game was. Until recently, when I was in Melbourne and having a long journey to Great Ocean Road, I tried to kill the time by navigating the functions of the iPhone4 which belongs to a friend who sat next to me in the bus- something I never bother to do all this while, for I am not into gadget thing.
That was my  first encounter with the game, and little that I aware, I started to get addicted with the game- to the extent of considering to grab an iPhone4 for myself! Hahah. Yea I know, that is a ridiculous way of decision making.
                                                                                                                  source: Internet
I kept the addiction to myself, and after weeks of weighing the decision, I googled for the game, and voila! I found the version for PC! I was over the moon upon learning that I still can play it even if I don’t get the internet access. How cool is that? Hihihi..
Now I have more reasons to delay the replacement of my mobile, well, at least until iPhone5 is out- I hope I can wait that long. Hihihi

And this is the link for the crome-Angry bird. Have fun!

3 responses:

Achiq said...

sian jz... org dah nk start main happy birds pulak dah....

hazari. said...

haha. eh today i've passed the 3-20 level and i was like so shouting of happiness. hahaa.

whatever happened, don't let it stuck for so long. just play and play.

Juli said...

coolness!i did too!now can rest in peace.selagi tak abes level 3, tak leh nk move on with real life. simply addicted.haha

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