Thursday, April 25

A little note about my Shaklee daily dosage

It was when my suppy for my daily Blackmores supplement ran out, I was introduced with Shaklee products by a friend of mine .

I`m definitely not one of the Shaklee distributers, but hey, good thing like this is worth to be shared, no?

So when I was promoted with super duper benefits that will be gained from the consumption, with supply for more than 3 months at much cheaper price, I decided to give it a go.

After a while, the result of the daily intake is not upsetting. That was when I had a terrible allergic effect on my face. Patiently, almost every night I squeezed and applied the vitamin E from the capsul on my face. And the improvement on my 'scar'y face was getting obvious and more over days!

2 responses:

Ju Zie said...

Fuiyooooo... shakelee menjadikan saya lbh cunz~ auw~! Hihi!

mrs redzuan said...

Tukang introduce nan hot chiken shit je...kahkahh

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