Monday, April 22

Arrival of Another Apple at the Doorstep

I saw it when people queing so long just to get the new ipad? ipad2? And I saw the glow on Zera's face when I accompanied her buying the gadget. At that point of time, sipping my occasional shot of Starbucks ,I was just couldn't care less.

But it was different thing when I first saw the mini ipad, in white particularly was flashed by a colleague of mine. Oh man! So cute in the mini size!

I went to dealer store at Mesramall, the one, exactly that I was looking for was sold out. And being treated coldly by the salesgirl, I decided to go for online shopping. And I went to!

The order was placed when I was offshore.(Yes, semangat! Tak menyempat2 pon ada.) Considering intermittent internet connection at offshore platform, the process was very simple, and the transaction completed within 15 minutes.

Exactly one week after making the order, I got the phone call from the receptionist downstair, the despatch was waiting to get my signatory. My mini ipad has arrived! 


2 responses:

Judiene said...

Tudiaaa kemain nak order tak menyempat nak tunggu balik darat hehe. :-)

Ju Zie said...

Happy gaming~!

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