Sunday, April 21

Pulau Jerejak Rainforest Resort,Penang

Yes, it was another team building with another team at work organized within my company. And the organizer was so brilliant to choose the island far far away from Kerteh. It was Pulau Jerejak, Pulau Pinang.

When first heard of the places, people was like "Jerejak? Tempat kusta tu?" or others put it "itu bukan tempat orang kena buang daerah ker?"

Those were the questions expressed when the venue of the teambuilding was announced. And truthfully, I wasn't that intrigued to be at the kind of place, if it is true!

Nevertheless, in the spirit of together as one (stealing other OPU tagline is not a crime I guess :P), at last, I decided to join. I mean, I wouldn't know when will I get to know this place in the future, without coughing a penny. Ahaaks

Flying to Penang via Firefly, we reached the jetty quitei in the mid day, and we took chartered boat to go to the island. It was not that far from mainland. 15-20 minutes journey, and ta-da! Arrive destination!

It was quite quiet island when we reached the chalet. Thankfully we had a chance to savour the peaceful day because the local are still working on Friday, the day of our arrival. And the next 2 days, it was complete hectic little Penang in the small island. 

But I`m telling you, I was quite impressed with the welcoming treat received from the reception. While waiting for the teambuilding activities started, my friends and I took stroll along the walkway, enjoying the quiet evening. The difference with the island in Penang and the ones in Terengganu, there are no beach, and to sunbath or playing by the beach? In Jerejak? You may want to forget it. :)

Let's look inside our room. Expecting the worst for a chalet in an island, I was wayyy wrong. The room was spacious, and so was the bathroom. 

CRT TV pon ada. Just to get some sound other than listening to chirping birds outside while my housemate a.k.a the main organizer was busy handling her event.

Spacious, no?

This resort has also provided teambuilding facilities together with the instructor. Some of the activities are jungle trekking, where we were shown the area where the outcasts resided years before, wall climbing, absailing and many more outdoor activities.

Came night, we were served with barbeque dinner and followed with fire show by the courages young men, organized by resort.Considering how big efforts that were shown, it was entertaining and their bravery deserve a pat in the back.

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Ju Zie said...

Man.... this team bilding is coooolio! Siap ada org naga lg!

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