Monday, April 29

My cosmetics got its 'home'!

I consider myself as a minimalist in possessing personal stuff. That`s why travelling light is not an issue for me, so long all my super-essential things are not missing from my backpack, my travelling is as perfect!

Shopping for makeup and stuff is one of my favourite item too. Again, I am a minimalist in collecting my own cosmetics. So, my cosmetic is also at minimum quantity, according to my judgement. :) Not that I`m a big fan of fashionistas whatsover, but, girls and makeup, hardly separable, I guess.
So when I learnt the existance of this makeup organizer, I was thrilled! Then I bought myself 2 in 1 piece acrylic  makeup organizer from this ebay seller here.

Everytime I was in my room, I can't help from staring the well displayed cosmetics of my own. Classy organizer..Kui  kui kui.

Plus , it has a few drawers to store eye shadows, compact powder and etc.

And to make it neater, it comes together with liner as well!

2 responses:

mrs redzuan said...

Kerlass mak jemahhh...hihi

Ju Zie said...

kalah mekap artis... celet ktiak pon ada umah cantek.. hehe

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